Stop the Presses!

by JimmieNew on October 30, 2012

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First of all, “I’m Back!” I got too busy with other things to attend to this post and unfortunately so as it would have been fun for this election season.

This sticker is an old one, one of the first actually, that I don’t think I ever used here. It is obviously apropos for today as the “Main Stream Media” is totally in the tank for Barack Obama, insultingly so. Why people even still listen or subscribe to them is beyond understanding.

Their “laying off” on Obama regarding the Libya event is criminal. They are as complicit in the death of our fellow Americans as the President is, and Clinton and all the rest of the swamp sinking the leadership in the US. And what fools they are! The detriment to this country brought on by Obama and his group will rain down on them as well as any of us. What do they think, they are special?! Unbelievable.

So my prescription is just that: Stop the Presses … period, and get some real objective news people interested in the well being of our country and not some whore they are idolizing. I take it back, they are the whores. The incident in Benghazi is so unAmerican it is sickening. Our own President, Barack Hussein Obama, sat and watched our patriots die instead of helping them with all the force of the United States … because it might put a bad press item out before his re-election bid.

You people voting to re-elect this low life might consider if that is the way he treasures our best and finest, how do you suppose he treasures you? Take a memo …



Just Wild About Harry

by JimmieNew on January 12, 2010

democrat hypocrisy (2)

The latest “baloney” with Harry Reid’s comments regarding “light skinned negros” and consequent reaction reminded me of this sticker phrase that I think represents the Democrat response to anything negative pointed their way. They are the biggest group of witch hunting, name calling irresponsible “role models” in the country except when it comes to them. Then they are the biggest hypocrites the term can define. Next to the term “hypocrisy” in the dictionary, should be the phrase, “noun: Democrats claiming to have higher standards or beliefs than is the case.”

And, of course, the “drive-by” media falls in lockstep behind them. I trust I am not the only American so sick of this disingenuous, doubled standard blatant lack of integrity, passed off as sincerity, by this absurdly unscrupulous group of political hacks and reporters that you feel the urge to “blow chow.”

WASHINGTON - NOVEMBER 4:   (L to R) Representa...

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

It’s time for change all right. It’s time to throw these meat heads back in the streets and get people in congress who want to work for America instead of themselves. I am so looking forward to Nov 2010 and even on to 2012 (assuming Obama even makes it that far) when we get the opportunity to “vote the bums out!”

I still don’t understand why the media people bestow royalty and accolade (instead of feet to the fire) on their “chosen ones” as they will pay as dearly as any of us dealing with the stripping of our individual rights perpetrated by their pals.

“Stop the Presses!”


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